A True Feminist is Feminine

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A True Feminist is Feminine
‘A Feminine Woman Always Wins’

“Virtuous femininity is truly what a woman is”. What could that mean in this society especially?

Your power as a virtuous woman is in your delicacy, your gentleness. A feminine woman has been the strength behind warriors and soldiers over the centuries. A feminine woman has always been the motivation behind the hard-working husbands and fathers of previous generations. We have always won. Feminine women are what men need in order to lead societies and families well. What is there to win you might be thinking? There are a list of things for example:


A feminine woman will win the respect of many, far easier than a rough, masculine woman. Feminists want you to give up your feminine gifts and take on a bitter, masculine edge, in order to accomplish “equality”? The feminist approach will only leave you in a continuous cycle of bitterness and competition. There could never be equality where one fights to over power the other. How can you continue to win as a feminine woman?

Start with your dress. The way you dress can influence the way others treat you. Your lifestyle and morale are easily demonstrated through dress and style. Present yourself modestly and with class.

Learn to plead your case without anger and aggression. Never swear or shout when accused or harassed. To control ones anger is a skill many lack. Be strategic instead.
Focus on your beauty and physical health. A beautifully kempt woman will always hold the attention of people she meets. Take an extra effort to present yourself nicely in and outside the home.

Let the trusted men in your life lead you. Your brothers, fathers, husbands, should be able to feel useful in your life. They should be able to feel that they can protect you and help you in times of need. Allow them to fulfill this masculine need.

Keep God as your primary example. Humility and meekness with tactful thinking are better than aggression.

Win those around you. Win their smiles, their love and comfort. You may even win people in Christ! Feminine women give a beautiful example of God’s truest intention for women. The younger generations need your influence of power as a feminine woman.”
Put Jesus first in your life and do not be afraid to give Him the glory in front of others.

The Rebel Reverend

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