The One Percent Insurgent

(The “Sold Out” Solder for Christ)

 ”Fighting the Good Fight against Legalization in our Churches”

For most young girls in the 1970’s, having an easy bake oven or daydreaming about having her own family was on every little girls Christmas wish list. But not for eleven year old Tania as her only wish was to be unconditionally loved, rather she was born into a family of addiction, abuse and neglect. And despite her harsh family dysfunctions, she persevered.

From a young age, Tania did not have the luxury of being a kid, as her life was abundantly surrounded with greed, lust and an inescapable appetite of pain and suffering.  And while she was remarkably resilient, she would later overcome and shine upon heaven’s door steps.  Hand chosen by heaven as a modern day Paul, her signature would be paramount in proclaiming and glorifying Jesus Christ.

With no real sense of belonging, she would suffer many horrors that nobody should have to.  And despite all that she would endure, she did not sway from her divinical calling in fighting the good fight. With an extensive history of abuse stemming from her father at a young age, being repeatedly beaten up and bullied in various schools and foster care homes, multiple suicide attempts, sustained domestic abuses, Tania found it hard to be socially accepted, thus fighting became her norm. A new plate form of survival for security would form through martial arts training.

A few years had passed where Tania’s world would be monumental in paving her future.  Mustering up the strength to leave her abusive husband nor any monetary resources for legal fees in exhausting custody hearings, she answered a luring business ad which would charm her into an industry that was mysterious as much as it was enticing.  A world of borderless intimacies but a lifetime of pain and regret would guide her deep into the rabbit hole of spiritual debt.  Money and a collage of materialistic possessions would eventually grant her a place with society’s financial and privileged elite as she rung her way up the ladder to what the world deems as success.

Now having achieved worldly success, Tania would remarry to a Russian international crime syndicate.  And although this marriage did provide some sense of security where she now felt safe against her first husband, it was dysfunctional at best as she was encouraged and allowed to continue in the adult industry.  A choice needed to be made as the spiritual accountability haunted her, thus she chose her heavenly Father over her lucrative business that provided expensive worldly possessions that had buried her into a deeper destructive lifestyle down the path of despair. Tania was quoted, “On the outside, I appeared to have it all but on the inside I had nothing. I was the walking dead.  I had no heart left.” Still the small voice in her fuelled her too take up her cross and banking on Jesus’ promises of rest, deliverance and restoration.  Fishers of men became her motto as she ventured out to disciple, meeting people where they were and where Christ wanted them to be.

Mathew 28:19-20 "Go therefor and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age."


The nobility of her decisions unfortunately did not barricade her from hard times as she repeatedly found her way back in court fighting to maintain her custody rights.  Surrendering custody was not an option, and through every effort, she found herself at the foot of the cross pleading for his intervention.  In an already weakened and depleted condition, the punches worsen with staggering consistency to ultimately misguide her moral compass.  Exhausted with a chastised spirit of contrite, her fractured and anesthetized heart would need to be divinically healed.

Grace and mercy bestowed upon her and in spite of her commitment to the Lord, would not bequeath the dark forces to kill, steal and annihilate Tania’s faith. Through many battered women shelters, custody battles that led to the doorsteps of the Supreme Court and a banquet of atrocities, she wrestled her way back through her painful past to liberate herself from a plethora of life time of afflictions.  From the maximum security prisons to the pulpits to street corners, she would be a vessel for God to demonstrate His power, grace and mercy.

Determined to stay the course surrendering to no one but to Jesus Christ, she was delivered and restored as his prodigal daughter.  Rising above her past, Tania became the first legally accomplished female dually ordained global master minister in her country who later on became a pastoral crisis counselor.  She is a published author who hosted numerous religious and secular national and international television and radio broadcasts.  As a highly sought after guest speaker to appearing on the acclaimed 700 hundred club on CBN, as well as Dr. Phil, LA radio and multiple radio and television news outlets and broadcasts internationally, her podium of accountability continued to grow exponentially.  She became weak in order that He grew strong.  Christ continues to expand her borderless sojourn reaching for souls, one soul at a time.

Now delivered from her past, Tania sets forth in motion a global expedition to exemplify Christ’s teachings.  With an unparalleled altitude of commitment and an overreaching height of perseverance, Tania’s journey is an orchestrated score of disdained pushed backs and push forwards paving the way for her savior Jesus Christ in fighting as his aid as his rebel with a cause.

(1 Timothy 6:12) – Fighting the Good Fight of Faith