And Angels of Light Appeared

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In the two decades of being a devote Christian, I can honestly say I’ve seen my fair share of miracles but trying to share what I’ve seen to an unbeliever brings specctaism, even from the most disciplined practiced Christian. With the multitude of miracles during my ministries in maximum security prisons, the most dangerous streets in North America to the numerous brothels, rarely does any of these divinical works are caught on film.

Back in 2014, I met a young lady named Bridget. She was working in prostitution and involved in drugs. Her brave yet struggling soul would later touch my heart allowing me grow stronger and wiser in the Lords ways. I’d met a young lady years before that named Zoey who I later found out was a childhood friend of Bridget. Zoey too was involved in drugs amd prostitution. And although Zoey and I were very close and despite my sincerest efforts in helping her, I was unsuccessful with assisting her leave prostitution. I guess the intense pain and the endless struggles she had endured over the years became so much that she saw suicide as her only option. Zoey hanged herself in her attic the night after having a sleep over with me. And although I’ve lost a few people throughout the years, Zoey’s death devastated me as we were especially close.

After her unfortunate death, Bridget contacted me in order that I may help her from the intense pain and guilt she had from Zoey’s death as they were friends since the age of five, later co-workers in the adult industry that finally led to mutual drug abuse. Now left in the same world of drugs and prostitution that Zoey’s left through suicide, Bridget’s pain, anger and guilt became exponentially. It is only when we lose everything that we are free to do anything in Christ. Bridget would now be in a position to trust and follow God or continue in a life that ultimately claimed Zoey’s life. Beautiful as it may, God will always use everything in his Glory and to bring comfort to his children that need and want him the most.

Bridget and I would later build a relationship but reserving herself in trusting me. Despite her distanting herself from me, I would not give up on her. Several times in reaching out to me in her pain, Bridget was often high on drugs with suicidal tendencies. It was then that I praised God for allowing me to be a part of His works for his daughter and my sister in Christ Bridget. It was rough and there were several nights that I dreaded the 4am phone calls but I knew God plans were bigger than what I could comprehend as He was in control.

Through seemingly endless efforts, I finally convinced Bridget to pack up her things, travel thousands of miles away from her home in hopes that she would trust me as I would never leave her nor abandon her knowing this would be Jesus’ testimony I wanted to portray to her, thus I faithfully remained by her side doing everything I could do to help her.

Needless to say, she challenged me in so many ways that ultimately helped improve my own characteristics. God used her to teach me to love on a deeper level, forgive without question and to exercise Jesus’ patience in my own life. It’s funny how our Heavenly Father works sometimes but oh how she tried my patience! Jesus doesn’t say the road will be easy but He promises it’ll be worth it and was it ever.

I remember one day in particular that the Lord had placed it on heart to teach on the power of purity. I was in leadership at the time, heading up a woman’s ministries where the power of the Holy Spirit led me confront the congregation in a whole that many were not living pure lives. In a seemingly perfect day to teach on this topic, I later baptized a former prostitute denouncing the carnal and impure spirit of lust and vanity.

I went to the store and bought a bunch of purified water bottles to use as parallels in my sermon just like Jesus did. I went on to explain to the congregation how it doesn’t matter if you invite your partner over for “Netflix and chill” and your snuggling watching movies doing a little kissy-kissy here and a touchy-feely there without actual intercourse as in the eyes of God, he reads our hearts before our actions.

I then showed the audience a water bottle asking if this bottle of purified water is real. They answered yes. I then called my son up to the front and asked him to open the bottle of water then I put one grain of sand in the bottle then asking if the water was pure now. Of course they said no. I went on to further explain how the water is now contaminated and this is what we are doing to our bodies and souls every time we have sexual impure thoughts. Foreplay let alone pre-marital sex with our partners is not a valid sustainable difference in God’s eye. Its amazing that when the Holy Spirit takes over, the heaviness of guilt can actually be felt. Needless to say a lot of people bowed their heads and the room went silent. I called everyone up to the front and I asked them to repent if they’d been sinning telling them to write their name and date on the bottle and keep it close to wherever they sin may it be their bed , beside the computer where they watch pornographic movies.

What an honor and blessing it was for on that day, I baptized Bridget. As I was power praying over my friend and sister in Christ prior to her baptismal, I asked God to show us all a sign to demonstrate to Bridget that Jesus is real and that God’s Holy Spirit is capable and powerful enough to conquer any demonic spirit.

Suddenly every single water bottle in the room lit up with an illuminated angel in each bottle for every eye to witness in the congregation. This represented to me that each one of us is an angel in the eyes of God. I was overjoyed to see this and as I proceeded to baptize my dear sister in Christ, she arose from the water having a bright beam of light come out of her chest in the shape of a radiant glowing cross.

Glory to all in the name of God…! I humbly thank the Lord for allowing me the privileged opportunity in being a part of his work in Bridget life as she continues to be free from the spiritual bondage of drugs and prostitution. To this day, she remains faithful to her recovery and although her spiritual journey has come to explore many spiritual ventures she still carries such a love in her heart towards Jesus Christ not ever denying His existence and power!

I am thankful to God this miracle was caught on camera so I can share the Glory of Jesus Christ almighty. Nothing is too big for God as he’s always down for a good testimony.

The Rebel Reverend

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