Public and Guest Speaking Engagements


Seeking a healthier, more balanced and successful life that is free from worldly stresses?  Through the power of Tania’s own testimony, she is able to offer a unique untraditional secular and religious approach in reaching audiences of all diversities abroad.  As a licensed pastoral crisis counselor, she has helped both men and women in federal prisons, notorious street gangs, brothels, some of the roughest streets in North America, an array of topless night clubs, universities, law enforcement institutions, women’s conferences, churches and more. 

Tania implements the Lords divinical blueprints for success through her own example through the power of her testimony.  Her various unique methods to groom people from all walks of life is the fundamental principals in discipling “fishers of men” – Matthew 4:19.  

Following in Jesus’ foot-steps of doing her best to remain humble, Tania instills proverbial teaching strategies to highlight the fruits of the spirit. Through generous giving, placing people’s needs before profit and belief of doing more for others than yourself, adhering to God’s biblical application of His Holy Spirit’s wisdom, we are gently guided into a more healthier and bountiful life. Tania is known to ruffle the feathers of the typical “cookie cutter Christians”.  Not one to mince words, she’s notorious of being bold holding no punches in her riveting global speeches.

As a highly sought after public speaker and preacher to large and diverse audiences across North America; Tania taps into the secrets of the vine to better reveal an unparalleled understanding of Jesus Christ’s abundant love, grace and mercy.  From universities, various churches, prisons, government agencies and law enforcement, she has engaged in prominent debate panels in hopes of promoting God’s standards of living by addressing all seven spheres of life.    

Being featured as a consistent contributor over the years for notable broadcasts such as Sun News Network, CTV News, 24 hour news, Joy TV and many more, Tania has hosted her own national TV Talk Show on prime time and appeared on national TV talk shows such as Dr Phil, Bill Cunningham Show, LA radio and multiple other TV and radio networks. These privileged global opportunities has allowed her to showcase our Lord’s awesome power and love that has given audiences across the world that through Him, hope through faith will deliver and restore.   Tania’s aspiration is to spread God’s truth with his core values and his doctrinal mission to remain her highest priority. Quality rather than quantity, truth rather than profit is her signature.  

  • Licensed Globally Dually Ordained Master Reverend
  • Pastoral Crisis Counselor 
  • Wedding Officiator 
  • Funeral Officiator 
  • Conflict Resolutionist
  • Licensed Spiritual Counselor
  • Gifted in prophecy and discernment of spirits
  • Author - published
  • First Responder Chaplain
  • Death Notifier 

Available for TV and Radio Interviews and can be booked as a Guest Speaker.

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